To B, or Not To B - Vitamin B March 19 2015 1 Comment

The symptoms of stress can negatively impact you physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. Those uncontrollable anger outbursts, stomach problems, feelings of anxiety, and persistent headaches you’ve been fighting can all be linked to spending your time wallowing in stress. Even worse, chronic stress can contribute to major health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Yikes!

Depression and Sugar February 01 2015

The holiday season is considered to be the peak time of depression each year, which is usually attributed to the lack of sunlight in most areas, the stress of shopping for gifts, and attending (or not attending) family and work gatherings. A third factor that I think is equally as important—if not more important for some people—is the fact that sugar intake tends to spike around the holiday season. Here are a few facts to consider regarding sugar:

Marilyn Farms Product Update with Marjorie Forbes (video) January 27 2015 1 Comment

In our on-going mission to provide the very best, Marilyn Farms is excited to announce the addition of several new and replacement products to our healthcare lineup. We value our customers’ well-being, and appreciate their dedication to finding the right health products. That is why we at Marilyn Farms have made it our goal to do the work for you. We're committed to  supplying you with only the highest quality products, sourced from reliable manufacturers who use wholesome ingredients and follow the strictest production standards. Over the upcoming months, you will continue to see changes in our product line as we complete our review of all existing vitamins and supplements. Stop by the Marilyn Farms Market or visit our new products page to see all of our new products today!

Oxygenate Your Brain! January 01 2015

The brain is the body’s largest consumer of oxygen—by weight, the brain is only about 2 percent of body weight but it uses an amazing 20 percent of the body’s oxygen supply! It’s no wonder that one possible contributor to memory loss is the long-term, gradual decline of brain oxygen levels. Here are a few simple ways to improve oxygen flow to your brain:

Time to Break Out Your Neti Pot! December 01 2014

It’s mid-November, which means we’re well into flu season (the CDC considers October through April to be the most common period to catch the flu each year, with January and February being peak times of flu). There are many possible reasons for this nationwide trend in weakened immunity and increased susceptibility to infection. These include lower levels of vitamin D due to lack of sunlight, more time spent indoors in recycled air, greater intake of sugar and junk food during the holidays, and increased stress due to the holidays and end-of-year financial strain.

Regardless of the reason for flu susceptibility, one of the most important things you can do on a regular basis to prevent the flu is use your neti pot! Here are a few things you should know:

Five Foods to Boost Memory November 10 2014

Whether you are a student studying for finals or are simply looking to ward off memory loss, we can all use a boost in memory. Here are five foods to include in your diet to help your mind stay sharp and keep your memory clear: