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Labor Day Weekend

Spring Heralds New Life at Marilyn Farms May 25 2016

Because we emphasize grazing on pasture, springtime is the best time for our animals to give birth. Our sheep operation consists of St. Croix hair sheep who are genetically selected to be very hardy, easy lambers, and parasite-resistant.

Join Us For Our Memorial Day Weekend Barbecue! May 16 2016


Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

The End of Peat Pellets - Part II March 01 2016 1 Comment

Well, it was a crazy summer/fall and I was swamped between working full-time and attending school full-time. I unfortunately was not able to do much in the garden. I was also not able to get around to providing a follow-up to my previous blog on starting seeds using 4” pots instead of peat pellets, and I do apologize for anyone that was waiting for the update! With school out of the way now, let me fill you in with some insights that I gained.

Not-Your-Aunt-Berta's Casserole June 17 2015 2 Comments

Cue angelic lighting and voices singing - yes, I made a delicious casserole. Casseroles aren't just for the Aunt Berta's of the world anymore. If you have sweet potatoes and butternut squash burning a hole in your pantry, check out this awesome (paleo-friendly!) atypical casserole. Prepare yourself for some creamy, dreamy goodness, and just say "NO" to subpar casseroles.

Why Are We Setting the Ditches on Fire? May 08 2015

Have you ever been driving happily down the road and suddenly found either side of the road is on fire? If so, you might be near prairie land –or in the midst of the apocalypse. Recently, this happened to me. One minute, I was driving home from the grocery store, kicking myself for forgetting paper towels again, and the next minute I thought I might have accidentally stumbled upon the gates of Hades. I learned that there is a logical explanation for this, and researched it so that you don’t have to!

The End of Peat Pellets - Part I April 28 2015 1 Comment

For the past few years, my fiancé and I have used peat pellets when starting all of our garden seeds in the Spring. Since we start all the seeds on a heating mat, this has allowed us to easily germinate a fairly large number of seeds (sometimes more than 100) on just a few mats. Once they have sprouted and grown a bit we then repot the seedlings into square 4” pots to give them more room to grow before planting them in the garden outside. Although it works well, there is one problem with this method: it takes too much time!

DIY All-Natural Deodorant Paste April 24 2015 1 Comment

For many, eating healthy is an important goal that we aim for in our daily lives. Often, however, we forget that what we put on the outside of our body is just as important as what we put inside our bodies. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and although it serves as a protective barrier for our insides, it’s basically like we are wrapped in one giant, thin sponge. Absorption through the skin is a significant pathway by which we are exposed to toxins (CDC - Skin Exposures and Effects), and one of the most vulnerable and absorbent areas is, you guessed it, the armpits (if you didn’t guess it, good try anyway, champ)!

Kickstarter Campaign to Grow Our Community April 06 2015

This month Marilyn Farms will be part of a Kickstarter campaign in an effort to expand our local dairy farms! We are working with a local organic dairy brand, Kalona Supernatural, and their community of small family dairy farmers to create a way to increase the supply of organic milk. Demand for organic dairy products has increased significantly over the years as consumers have become more health-conscious, and for this reason organic milk is currently in short supply nation-wide. This campaign will benefit our local businesses and farmers and help grow the organic farming community, fulfilling one of the primary goals of Marilyn Farms. We are proud to be a part of increasing the supply of healthy and delicious products, and we are very excited to participate in this local collaboration.
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Sugar and Sweeteners April 03 2015 1 Comment

When it comes to sugar and sugar substitutes, there’s an overwhelming amount of information out there, and making a healthy choice can be difficult. To help you make the best decision for you, we have compiled a list of some common sugars and sugar substitutes along with their benefits and disadvantages.

To B, or Not To B - Vitamin B March 19 2015 1 Comment

The symptoms of stress can negatively impact you physically, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally. Those uncontrollable anger outbursts, stomach problems, feelings of anxiety, and persistent headaches you’ve been fighting can all be linked to spending your time wallowing in stress. Even worse, chronic stress can contribute to major health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Yikes!

Depression and Sugar February 01 2015

The holiday season is considered to be the peak time of depression each year, which is usually attributed to the lack of sunlight in most areas, the stress of shopping for gifts, and attending (or not attending) family and work gatherings. A third factor that I think is equally as important—if not more important for some people—is the fact that sugar intake tends to spike around the holiday season. Here are a few facts to consider regarding sugar: